How to Attach a Car Emblem: A Step-by-Step Guide

Car emblems are a cool way to jazz up your ride, and slapping them on isn’t too tough if you’ve got the right stuff. This guide’s got you covered on how to stick those badges on. We’ll walk you through what you need to get started, getting that emblem ready, sticking it on just right, tweaking it if needed, and sealing the deal. Follow these steps, and you’ll have that sweet emblem on your whip in a flash.

Grab Your Gear

First things first, you gotta get your hands on what you need to make that badge stick. What you’ll need kinda depends on the badge’s size, shape, and what it’s made of. Most car badges either bolt on or stick on with some kind of adhesive. Make sure you pick the right tool so that badge isn’t going anywhere. And when you’re figuring out where it’s gonna go, take your time and measure twice to get it spot on.

Once you’ve got everything together, give it all a good clean before you start sticking anything. This means cleaning up your car and any stuff you’re using, like screws or sticky tape. Wiping it all down with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol can help get rid of any muck that might mess with how well it sticks.

To make sure that emblem doesn’t budge, pick the right tools, give everything a solid clean, and you’re good to go. Doing this right means your badge will stay put and won’t fall off later because you missed a step or rushed things.

Get That Emblem Ready


Before anything else, see how the emblem fits. Check it against everything else on the car and make sure it sits tight. And don’t forget to clean up where you’re gonna stick it. Any dirt or crud can mess with how well it sticks and might scratch stuff up.

Does It Fit?

Check the badge fits right before you do anything else. See if it matches up with your car’s type. You should also give it a test run to spot any problems that might pop up. Some badges might need extra bits or special tools to fit just right. If something doesn’t seem right, take a closer look before you go any further. It’ll save you a headache later.

Give It a Clean

Before you slap that badge on, clean up where it’s gonna go. The way you clean can vary, depending on what your car and badge are made of. If they’re both metal, you might want a metal cleaner. If it’s plastic, regular household cleaners might do the trick. The main thing is to make sure you get rid of all the grime before you move on.

Getting things ready also means getting rid of any grease or wax after cleaning. Stuff that dissolves grease can help get rid of any oily bits. Once that’s done, give it a wipe with an alcohol-based cleaner. This gets rid of any last bits of muck and makes sure your badge and car stick together perfectly.

Stick on the Emblem

Okay, so first off, we’re looking at sticking a cool logo on your car. When doing this, you’ve got to be a bit nitpicky to make sure it’s on right and looks good. First things first, make sure the spot where you’re putting it is clean. If there’s any old sticky stuff from another emblem, get that off. You can clean it with soap and water or even rubbing alcohol. Once it’s dry, think about the best sticky stuff to use.

Now, what’s your emblem made of? Epoxy glue or contact cement could be the go-to for a solid stick. But if you want to be able to take it off later, maybe use double-sided tape or car-grade foam sticky tape. Whichever you pick, spread it nicely on both sides so it sticks well. Some emblems even come with a sticky back, you just gotta press hard.

When you’ve picked your sticky method, place the emblem just right and press down. If you want some pro tips, maybe put some weights on it for a bit so it really sticks.

Fix Up the Emblem


Alright, now that it’s on, let’s make sure it looks perfect. Start by comparing its size with the car’s body. This will give you a clue on how much you need to move it. Also, check any guidelines from the emblem maker to help you out.

Stick some tape around the edges of the emblem so it stays put while you tweak its position. A ruler or straight edge can help make sure it’s lined up all nice. You might need clamps or rubber bands to keep it in place.

Honestly, fixing up a car emblem is a bit of a fiddle. Measure stuff so you don’t mess up. And always check the instructions – it’ll help everything go smooth and avoid any hiccups.

Wrap It Up

Alright, now for the grand finale! Once you’re happy with the emblem’s spot, let’s lock it in. First, think about the sticky stuff again. Some are tougher than others. For a solid hold, maybe go with epoxy glue or car-grade adhesive.

Smear a bit of it on both the car and the back of the emblem. Make sure it’s spread evenly and get rid of any extra before pressing them together. Give the adhesive some chill time before you drive or wash the car – about a day should do it.

After waiting a bit, give the emblem a little tug. If it’s solid, then boom – you’ve nailed it with the new emblem!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which sticky stuff to use?


Looking to slap a car emblem on? There are a bunch of sticky things you can use. Basically, you’ve got three types: solvent-based, the kind that needs heat, and the press-and-stick kind. Solvent-based ones are killer for big jobs like this ’cause they’re super strong. The heat ones are flexible about how long they stick, but you need some heat to get them going. The press-and-stick ones are no-fuss but might not be as tough. Picking the right sticky thing makes sure that emblem stays put and doesn’t bail on you.

What’s the best way to clean up before sticking the emblem on?

Before you slap on that emblem, clean the spot real good. This makes sure it sticks well and doesn’t get all dirty and messed up over time. You can use stuff like rubbing alcohol for paint or acetone for plastic to clean up. And hey, maybe tape off the area around it so you don’t mess up anything else.

How do I make sure the emblem sticks right?

So, you’re about to stick on that car emblem. You gotta think about how you’re gonna make it stay. Usually, you use some kind of adhesive. Different sticky stuff might need different tricks, like some might need you to clamp them down or let them sit for a while. Just read the instructions and you’ll be golden.

Got any tricks to take off an emblem if I change my mind?

If you wanna take off an emblem, don’t scratch the car! You can use a heat gun or even a hair dryer to melt the sticky stuff a bit and then gently use plastic tools like a putty knife or an old credit card. If you wanna make your life easier, there are some products that can dissolve the adhesive too.

How do I keep the emblem looking fresh?

Wanna keep that emblem looking shiny and new? Give it a protective coat before sticking it on to keep away rust and damage. You can find special products for this or use a sealant to block out the outside stuff. And don’t skimp on the things you use to attach it – get strong, waterproof stuff like stainless steel screws.


Putting on a car emblem? Pretty straightforward. Make sure you have everything you need – the emblem, the sticky stuff, and any other tools. Prep the emblem as the maker says, then stick it on. Adjust it so it looks right and stays put. Before you call it a day, check for any mess from the sticky stuff. Do it right, and you’ve got a cool emblem that’ll last through all your road trips.


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