How To Attach Car In Ola Without Driver

Hooking up your car to Ola without a driver is a cool way to earn some extra cash with your car. Don’t sweat it, signing up your car to Ola isn’t that tough and you can get it done in a jiffy with the right papers and fees. This piece will break down how to get your car on Ola without a driver, like signing up on the platform, getting your car ready, and paying up the fees, and getting the hang of the platform. Follow these, and you’ll have your car on Ola without any fuss.

Hop on the Ola Platform

To get started with Ola, you gotta sign up. If you wanna put your car on Ola, you gotta give them stuff like your contact info, car registration deets, and insurance. Once you’ve filled that in, an Ola dude will check out your car to make sure it’s all good and safe. Oh, and make sure you have a solid driver insurance before you start.

After you’re in, it’s easy to put your car out there for rides. This is great ’cause folks get more options when they book rides, and you get to choose when you wanna drive and make more money because more folks are looking for rides. Plus, you’ve got some cool safety stuff like tracking your car when it’s out there.

By hopping onto Ola, you get to put out your car even without driving it yourself. This means easy rides for people and more cash opportunities for you, whenever you feel like it. And with all the safety bits, you can chill knowing it’s all good.

Get Your Car Ready


Before your car hits the Ola road, make sure it’s in tip-top shape. This means checking if you’ve got the right papers and if your car’s passed all checks. Also, pop the Ola App on something that works with your car’s screen, so you can get ride alerts, find your way around, and handle payments. Before you hit the road, play around with the app so you know what’s up.

Safety First

Keeping it safe is the name of the game. Before you start, maybe make a quick list of the things you gotta check and do for your car, so you know it’s all good. This includes making sure your car’s checked out regularly and kept up with what the makers say. On your list, think about stuff like the car’s size, how much it weighs, and even the little things like brakes, lights, and seat belts. And don’t forget to check your tires and oil. Tick everything off, and you’re golden. Keep an eye on your car even after you start, so your riders always have a smooth ride.

Get the Ola App

You gotta have the Ola app to get in on all the action. It’s the go-to for riders, and it’s packed with features. For drivers, it’s a lifesaver with maps, best routes based on traffic, and no-fuss payments.

Downloading and setting up the app is a breeze. Just grab it from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Sign up with your basic info and you’re set to explore all it’s got.

Sorting Out the Fees


Okay, so the first thing is to sort out the money part. Before you throw your cash at this, make sure to check out what different insurance deals are on the table if you’re looking to get your car on board with Ola. It’s a good shout to see things like how much you’ll have to pay, what you’re covered for, and any sweet little extras the insurance peeps throw in.

Once you’ve picked the one that feels right, get that payment done online – things like credit cards or net banking work just fine. Oh, and you might need to show some docs like your ID or maybe stuff that proves your income when paying. Give everything a once-over on the payment page so you don’t run into any hiccups later.

Got questions about paying? Just hit up the customer service crew. They’ll tell you all about how to pay, any extra costs, and if by any chance you need to pull out or make changes because of stuff like unexpected events, they’ve got info on that too.

Getting Your Docs in

Alright, next up – paperwork. To get your car hooked up with Ola, you gotta show them some documents. What you need might change depending on where you’re at, but generally, they want to see who you are (ID proof) and that you really own that ride (ownership proof). You might also need to show them your driving license and your car’s insurance papers.

Uploading’s a breeze. Either you pop those documents onto your Ola account or drop them off at an Ola place near you. If you’re old school and want to post them, make sure you’ve got everything in there and it’s going to the right address. If you’ve done everything right, you should hear back from Ola in about three working days.

Quick tip: If something’s off with your paperwork or you missed a bit, that’s gonna slow things down. So, double-check everything before you send it off.

Getting to Know the Scene

After you’ve figured out the costs, it’s cool to get to know how things roll on the Ola platform, especially if you’re planning to run your car without you driving. How you do this might be a bit different depending on where you’re at, but here’s the usual drill. First, you need an Ola account for you and your car. Pop in your details, where you’re at, how you’ll pay, and you can even throw in a profile pic or upload the car docs.

Next, there’s a background check for everyone involved. Make sure you’re being straight up with your info here so there aren’t any mix-ups later. Keep in mind things like how old you have to be because it’ll save you from any mess later.

After you’ve jumped through all those hoops, Ola will give you a shout saying you’re good to go. And hey, if at any point you’re feeling stuck, the Ola support gang’s there to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any extra costs when adding a car to Ola?


Well, if you’re thinking of adding your car to Ola, there might be some extra fees, but it depends on where you are. Most of these costs are for stuff like car insurance paperwork and other safety stuff you gotta have before Ola lets you on. You can find all the details on the Ola website, so give that a look before you apply. Just a heads up: your car and all the docs have to be up to Ola’s standards if you wanna make sure folks riding with you are safe.

What’s Ola got in place to keep drivers and riders safe?

Safety’s a big deal for Ola. They’ve got all sorts of things in place for both drivers and those hitching a ride. They make sure drivers know the ropes, like how to drive safe and keep their cars in good shape. And if something goes wrong? They’ve got insurance to cover it. So, both the driver and the rider are sorted.

Any specific cars they won’t let on Ola?

If you’re hooking up your car with Ola, there are some rules to follow. Different cars have different rules. Like, some cars can’t be too old or of a certain model, and of course, all the right paperwork like insurance is a must. Also, Ola might ask you for some extra stuff, like your driving license, before they let you and your car join.

How often do I gotta refresh my papers on Ola?

Once you’re on Ola, you gotta keep your papers fresh. That means updating your driving certs and other stuff to show you’re the real deal and reliable. Remember, keeping your docs up-to-date is a thing with Ola, so make sure to check in from time to time.

How quick can I get my car on Ola?

Getting your car on Ola? It’s about checking if your car’s cool for Ola and looking into your background. Your car shouldn’t be ancient – under 10 years is what they’re looking for – and all your papers need to be in check. And of course, Ola’s gonna wanna see things like your driver’s license to know you’re legit. Usually, it takes like 1-3 days if you’ve got all your stuff in order.


Getting your car on Ola? Pretty chill process. First, sign up on Ola and handle any fees. Then, upload all the paperwork they ask for. Before you hit the road, make sure you know what you’re getting into – read the rules and stuff. Once you’re all set, you’re good to start picking up folks using the Ola app. It’s a smooth way to make some extra cash on your own terms, without another driver around.

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