How to Become an Ola Driver and Make Money with Your Car

Hooking up your car to the Ola cab service is a cool way to make some cash from your ride. More and more drivers are hopping on this bandwagon, driving folks around and earning money. This article will break down how you can jump in, from making an Ola account to getting the Ola Driver app. So if you’re thinking of making money with your car, keep reading.

If you’re looking to get started with Ola, you gotta know the drill. To be an Ola driver, you gotta make sure your car’s not too old or beat up and you need all the right paperwork like insurance and registration. Depending on where you live, they might also need to check you’ve got no bad history or need some medical tests. But once you’ve got all this sorted, you’re good to move onto the next step.

Making an Account

First things first, you need an account. Signing up for Ola means giving them your email and phone number, and picking a strong password. You can also add how you wanna get paid. And hey, during sign-up, keep an eye out for any promo codes for cool discounts and stuff.

Once you’re in, you can check out your profile where you’ll see your ride history, future rides, and any sweet deals you’ve got going. And Ola’s got this neat feature where you can set your favorite cars, routes, and get heads-up when there are rides near you. This makes it super easy for folks to grab a ride without filling in their info every single time.

Getting Your Docs Up


This part’s big. To ride with Ola, you gotta upload all the right docs, like your driver’s license, registration, address proof, and whatever else the law needs. And it’s a good idea to upload a pic of your ride so people can spot you easily. Also, if you want the fancy gigs like airport rides, you might need more stuff like a police clearance.

Getting Your Car Checked Out

Before Ola lets you drive around, they wanna make sure your car’s safe. Some expert will take a good look at your car, inside and out, to make sure everything’s running smooth. They’ll also wanna see you know your stuff on the road, so there might be some driver training involved.

You can get your car checked at Ola places, or even at your house. They’ll be looking at all the bits of your car, making sure everything works as it should. And remember to have your insurance handy. Once they’re happy, and they’ve checked all your uploaded stuff, you’re all set to get rolling with Ola.

Getting the Ola Driver App

You can’t roll without the Ola Driver App. It’s what you’ll use to talk to riders, track your rides, and handle your money. So grab the app from the Play Store or App Store, put in your details, and upload some more docs like your license. The best thing about this app? It’s got everything you need, from maps and driving tips to feedback from riders. And for folks looking for a ride, it’s a one-stop-shop. If you’re planning to drive in the city, this app’s a must-have.

Hitting the Road and Making Bank


With all that out of the way, you’re ready to hit the road with the Ola Driver App and start making some money. You can see all your rides, manage your spending, and even get some perks like fuel discounts. Plus, you get to choose when you work. And Ola’s got some cool features to help you make the most money, like checking out your best routes or getting alerts on good deals. The more you use the app, the better you’ll get, and the more cash you’ll make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gotta pay any fees to become an Ola driver?

Becoming an Ola driver’s pretty chill and just needs you to tick a few boxes. While there’s no cash to hand over to sign up as an Ola driver, you gotta have a legit driver’s license and be cool on a criminal background check. Plus, you should know the Ola rates so you get paid right for each trip. Oh, and your ride has to pass a check at a legit service place and be up to Ola’s standards before you can jump on their platform.

What kinda car can you add to Ola?


If you wanna drive for Ola, your car’s gotta be on point. Basically, any car that’s younger than 10 years and not falling apart is cool. Plus, you need proper insurance that’s okay with you using the car for business stuff. Just remember, some places might have extra rules for getting your car on Ola.

What paperwork’s needed to get your car checked out?

To get your car all checked out, you need some stuff. You need a driver’s license that’s good to go, your car insurance proof, and the car’s registration papers. Your insurance should cover you in case anything goes wrong while driving for Ola. Plus, your car’s gotta look good – no major problems or ugly damage. For safety and all, your car should get a thumbs up from a car pro before you can use it for Ola.

Gotta drive a bunch of hours to be an Ola driver?

To drive for Ola, you gotta do a few things. One’s driving a certain amount of hours. They want this so everyone’s safe and your car’s cool for rides. Basically, you gotta drive at least five hours a month to stick with Ola. Also, in some places, they might wanna check out your car more, just for safety.

Can I add a ton of cars to Ola?

If you wanna add a car to Ola, there’s no max number. But, there are some things your car’s gotta have. It shouldn’t be super old (like over 5 years) and you should have some experience driving cars for cash before. You’ll also need to show them stuff like your insurance, registration, and other car-related papers before you can get your car on Ola.


Getting your car on Ola? Easy-peasy. First, make an account and drop in all the papers they need. Then, get your car checked so it’s up to Ola’s standards. Once that’s done, download the Ola Driver app and start making some money. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be part of the Ola gang and making cash with your car in no time.

To make sure everything’s smooth, drivers should stick to Ola’s rules about safety and treating riders right. Also, know the local laws about apps like Ola so you don’t get in trouble. If you follow the rules, you’ll give riders a good, safe trip.


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