The Ultimate Guide on How To Attach Your Car to Revv & Cash In!

Hey, car folks! If you’re looking to make some extra cash with your car, you might wanna think about getting hooked up with Revv. What’s Revv, you ask? It’s this cool platform that helps people like you link up with peeps who need a ride or gotta send something somewhere. Join the Revv gang, rent out your car for short trips or even longer ones and watch the bucks roll in! This piece right here will break down how you get your car in on the Revv action – from signing up, sharing your docs, saying when you’re good to go and waiting for the thumbs up. Plus, some sneaky tips to make even more moolah. Stick with me, and you’ll be cashing in with Revv in no time!

Getting Your Car on Board

Alright, here’s the lowdown on getting your car in the game. Signing up with Revv? Piece of cake. Do it online and you’re good in minutes. First, they’ll wanna know the basics – your name, where you live, your email, and phone digits. Then, you’ll cook up a username and password, and bam, you’ve got an account.

Next up, you gotta spill about your ride – what’s its make, the year it rolled out, what’s it drink (gas or electric), its color, the VIN, and who’s got it insured. Once you’ve filled in the blanks and Revv’s fancy price thingamajig gives it the nod, you’re ready to roll with them.

Heads up, there’s a one-time fee, and it depends on your car type. Make sure you’ve got car insurance, alright? If you don’t, Revv’s got some pals who might cut you a deal. Once you’ve wrapped this all up, they’ll ping you with an email and fill you in on the next steps.

Share the Docs


This bit’s crucial, folks! To get going with Revv, you gotta show them your driving license, your car insurance stuff, and your car’s reg docs. Pop these onto your Revv profile online, either on their site or app. Depending on where you live, what Revv wants might change a tad.

Make sure your docs are nice and clear when you upload ’em, okay? No fancy edits – keep it real. Your pics need to be either JPG, PNG, or PDF. Oh, and double-check that the insurance details match up with what’s on your car reg.

Before you hit the upload button, maybe sneak a peek at Revv’s site or app. You wanna make sure your stuff ticks all their boxes. Once you send everything their way, they’ll drop you an email to say they got it and are checking it out.

Set Your Availability

After you’ve sent in all the needed paperwork, you can tell Revv when you wanna drive. You do this in the driver area on the website. Pick when you’re free to give people lifts. Think about your driving style and how you’re gonna split the fare so everyone’s happy with the ride.

When you’re setting your hours, make sure you pick the right time zone – you want your hours to match up with where you’re driving. Oh, and heads up, riders can book a ride up to three weeks ahead, so think about if you wanna be available way out in the future. If you need to change anything, just go back to the driver area.

You should keep your hours updated so you don’t miss out on rides. Otherwise, you might lose some cash and have unhappy riders who booked with you.

Wait for Approval


After you send in your paperwork, you gotta wait a bit before you can set your hours. They’ll tell you by email or text if you’re good to go. This is all about keeping things safe and making sure only the right people get good rates.

How long you wait? Just a few days, but it depends on how many people are waiting too. You can peek at how your application’s doing on the Revv site or app. If they need more stuff from you, they’ll send you a message.

Once everything’s cool and you’re approved, you can set your hours and get ride requests. You can also tweak your profile, like your contact details and where you wanna drive.

Start Making Money

After they give you the thumbs up, you can start driving and earning cash. Revv gives you chances to get some extra rewards and bonuses. And you can talk prices to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. That way, both you and your rider are happy.

Revv’s got your back. They check out all their drivers and riders to keep things safe. You get paid through the app, which is super easy. And if anything goes wrong or feels off during a ride, there’s support to help out.

To sum it up, Revv’s a chill way for drivers and riders to get around without without emptying your wallet. You can be sure you’re looked after and even get some extra rewards. Plus, with all the safety checks, riders can feel good knowing they’re in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What car can I hook up to Revv?

When you’re thinking about hooking your car up to Revv, first off, figure out what ride you’ve got. Different cars mean different paper stuff and rules, ya know? For example, if you’ve got an electric ride (an EV), you might need some extra papers showing it’s yours before you plug it into Revv. But if your car’s the old-school gas type, just the usual stuff like registration and insurance will do. So, when you’re getting your car onto Revv, make sure you know what papers you need for your kind of wheels.

How long’s it gonna take to get a thumbs up for my car?


Hooking your car up to Revv means checking if it’s cool enough and if it’s got insurance. Normally, it’s like one to three weeks, depending on what’s up with your application. Whether your car’s in the game depends on stuff like its age, brand, type, and how many miles it’s done. And don’t forget about the insurance bucks! So, think about all this before you send in your form.

Any extra cash needed to hook my car up?

When you’re adding your car to Revv, you might have some extra charges coming at ya. Stuff like registration, insurance, and making sure your car’s all safe. Remember, what you pay changes depending on where you’re at, so look into that before you dive in. Oh, and some places might need special driver passes, so better check your local rules.

Can I hook up more than one ride to Revv?

Thinking about adding cars to Revv? Just remember the insurance price tag for each one. There’s no cap on how many cars you can add, but make sure the insurance isn’t killing your wallet. Plus, which cars you pick might change depending on what you’re doing and if you’re using a couple at once.

What’s the deal with Revv’s help desk?

Revv’s got your back with help for picking your car and paying. You can give their round-the-clock team a shout, drop them an email, or hit up live chat if you’re lost. They’re all about giving you the info you need for cars and payments. Plus, they’ve got this online tips section that’s always getting new stuff like FAQs and handy reads.


After you’ve chucked in all the papers and got your car on the list, just let them know when you’re free. Once you’ve done that, wait for Revv’s green light. Once you get it, you’re set to start earning some cash. Hooking up your car to Revv is super chill and only a few steps. It’s a cool way to earn some side cash or even a backup job. Just remember, to get your car on Revv, it’s gotta tick all their boxes.

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