How To Attach Car In Zoomcar: A Chill Guide


So, you’ve heard about Zoomcar, right? It’s this cool car rental place where you can snag a car for a bit. Getting a car with Zoomcar? Super chill! Just make an account, pick a car that vibes with you, and grab it from where they tell you. This piece? It’s gonna show you how to get a car with Zoomcar and tell you how to give it back when you’re done. Stick with me, and you’ll be zooming around in no time!

Setting Up Your Zoomcar Account

Before you start cruising, you gotta get yourself a Zoomcar account. It’s a piece of cake! You just need your name, email, and phone number. Oh, and think of a fancy password too. Once you’re in, you’re all set to start renting.

Sometimes they might want some extra stuff like your ID or where you live, but that’s just to make sure everything’s on the up and up. Once the Zoomcar peeps give you the green light, you can start picking out your ride. They’ve got all sorts of cars and times, and you can pay online or in person.

Heads up! Zoomcar’s got these membership things where you can score some sweet deals on rentals. Whether you’re flying solo or with a group, they’ve got you covered with some neat plans.

Picking Your Ride


Over in the ‘Choose Your Car’ bit, you get to pick from a bunch of cars. Compare stuff like prices, what kind of gas they take, manual or auto, how many seats, and all that jazz. Decide how long you want it and how far you’re gonna drive.

Start by searching for the car you want. Then, once you’ve picked, you can see how much it’s gonna cost, any docs you need, and if there are any deals or discounts. There are also some reviews from other folks who’ve rented before.

When you’re ready to lock it in, just pay with your card. You’ll get an email with everything you need to know, like the rental rules and who to call if you need help.

Linking Your Car to Your Account

Once you’ve sorted out the payment, you gotta link that car to your Zoomcar account. It’s like making sure everything’s good to go for your drive. This is where you give them the car details like the make, color, and plate number. They might also want some other stuff like your car docs, insurance, and ID.

After you’ve given them all the deets and Zoomcar’s crew checks it out, you’ll get an email that says you’re good to go. Once that’s done, you’ll see all the cool stuff in your account like booking rides, checking out where you’ve been, and sorting out payments. Plus, you can look at reports on your rides anytime you want.

Grab Your Car

So, once you’ve got all your papers checked out, you can head over to grab your ride. Just remember to have your driving license (or whatever ID works around here) and show you’ve paid up for the rent. When you get to the pick-up spot, give your car a good look-over for any scratches or issues before saying it’s all good. Heads up: there might be some extra costs and stuff about gas, so chat about that with a staff person before getting the keys.

Getting and giving back a Zoomcar? Piece of cake. First, you’ll put in a special PIN they give you into the app. That lets you open the car and start it up. After you’ve checked it out, you can zoom off, just make sure your phone’s in range to lock and unlock the car during your drive. You’ll also get the lowdown on refilling the gas tank if you need to before giving it back.

And when you’re done? Just put the Zoomcar back where it’s supposed to go or talk to them if you wanna drop it off somewhere else. Before leaving, there’s a quick check you’ve got to do to make sure the car’s still in tip-top shape and that everything went smooth between you and the Zoomcar folks.

Give the Car Back


Wrapping up with Zoomcar? Make it smooth. Drive the car back to where it’s supposed to go and have your ID like your passport or license ready. Find the right parking spot and give the car another look for any dings or scratches before giving the keys back.

After that, use your phone or log into your account to finish things off. You’ll send over some pics of the inside and outside of the car, how much gas is left, mileage, and all that jazz. Once you’re sure all the info’s right, Zoomcar will wrap things up.

By the way, there might be extra charges if things aren’t quite right (like if you’re super late). And when everything’s A-OK on Zoomcar’s end after they check the car, you’ll get a thumbs-up email or message saying it’s all good.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to rent a car from Zoomcar?

Getting a car from Zoomcar might be a bit pricey, depending on the car and how long you want it for. There’s a starting price which is for renting the car, and then other stuff like gas, taxes, and insurance. This starting price lets you drive a certain number of miles each day; drive more and you’ll have to pay extra. You might also have to pay for stuff like tolls and parking. So, when you’re working out how much it’s gonna cost, don’t forget these extra bits!

Is there an age rule for renting a car from Zoomcar?


Yep, Zoomcar’s got an age rule. You’ve got to be 21 or older to rent a car from them. They have this rule for everyone’s safety and to make sure that people drive sensibly and save gas. Oh, and you need a valid driver’s license and credit card when you pick up the car.

Does Zoomcar cover the car with insurance?

If you’re renting from Zoomcar, you can buy extra insurance if you want. This is to cover any damage or stuff that might happen while you’re using the car. The price of this insurance depends on things like the car type and where you’re renting it. Think about the total rental price when deciding on this insurance, and check that it covers everything you might need.

Can I get a car from Zoomcar for more than a day?

You can get a car from Zoomcar for as short as a day or even longer. It all depends on if they have the car you want and how long you need it. They even have options to refuel if you’re keeping the car for a while. You can either buy gas upfront or pay for it later when you get your bill, whatever works for you.

Does Zoomcar have any deals or special offers?

Zoomcar’s got some cool deals and promo codes. You can save some cash on your rental by using these codes you find online. They sometimes have special prices for things like weekend or week-long rentals. And hey, if you’re a student, there might be some discounts for you too! If you wanna know about these deals, check their website or give their customer service a call.


Adding a car to your Zoomcar account? Super easy. Just make an account on their site, pick the car you want, grab it from where it’s parked, and follow what Zoomcar tells you to do. Then, when you’re done, bring the car back and make sure you’ve done all the paperwork right. Do all this, and you’ll have a car on your Zoomcar account in no time. It’s a cool way to get the perks of a car without all the fuss of owning one.


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