How to Call a Car in Saints Row: A Complete Guide

Being able to call a car in Saints Row is super handy. It lets players zip around the city and get to places faster. This piece will break down how to summon a car in the game – like how to pull up your in-game phone, pick your ride, decide where you want it to show up, and chill till it gets there. It’s pretty simple, but knowing the little details can help gamers make the most of their Saints Row time.

There are loads of cool reasons to use this feature. Besides getting from A to B faster without having to jog everywhere, you also have more freedom to roam the city. Plus, some missions need you to drive, so you’ll want to know how to call up a ride. If you’re all about diving deep into Saints Row, you’ll want to get this down.


In Saints Row, you can call a car (or other vehicles) using the in-game phone. It’s not just for getting a car; you can also pimp your ride with different colors and styles. Want a car that screams ‘you’? This is how to do it.

It’s no biggie to use the in-game phone. Just hit ‘Up’ on your controller’s D-pad when you’re not in a car or holding stuff. A menu pops up, and there’s an option like “Call Vehicle”, letting you choose from cars, trucks, vans, or boats. After you call it, your ride shows up in no time.

And, you can make your car even cooler once you’ve got it. Add some body kits, change the paint – make it unique! With the phone’s options, pimping your ride is a piece of cake.

Pick Your Ride

In Saints Row, you’ve got choices when it comes to cars. Whether you want something standard or fancy, you’ve got options. And depending on what you pick, you might get some extras like tougher armor or better handling, making cruising around Steelport a breeze.

You’ve got your regular cars – they’re cool for getting around. But if you want to go all out, there are luxury cars with special features. And for the speedsters, there are race-style cars built for the fast lane.

Every car lets you change stuff up – from paint jobs to window tints or even engine boosts. You can make your car truly yours and show off your style on the road.

Where Do You Want to Meet Your Ride?

So, after you’ve picked your car, now you’ve gotta decide where you wanna meet it. This isn’t just about convenience but also how much you’re gonna shell out. There’s loads to think about before you pick your spot, especially if you’re using a service like Saints Row. Wanna know how far your ride is from you? Keep an eye on their route. And, don’t forget to check prices at different spots – sometimes they’re cheaper or pricier based on where you are or how many drivers are around.

Think about if there’s easy parking, if it’s close to a bus or train stop, and if there are any sneaky fees for that spot. And, make sure you’ve got the right address – you don’t want your driver lost and late.

Before you lock in that ride with Saints Row, double-check all these bits. The right spot can save you time, cash, and still give you top-notch service.

Hang Tight, Your Ride’s On Its Way


Once you’ve got your spot sorted, your ride will be there soon. Don’t forget about car insurance – it’s got your back if something goes south. And if you’re driving something from Saints Row, remember your road manners. Stick to the rules, don’t speed, and sometimes you’ve gotta let others go first.

Got a question? Stay in touch with the rental guys either on the phone or by mail. And, before you hit the road, know what’s in the rental agreement – especially if there are fees for being late or if you ding the car.

Once you know when and where your ride’s coming, chill till it gets there. When it does, give it a once-over before you sign anything and head off.

Let’s Roll!

Alright, you’re at your spot and ready to roll. With Saints Row, you’ve got a rad car that’s all set for wherever you wanna go. They’ve got this awesome game with tons of cars you can tweak just the way you like. Whether you’re into sports cars, big muscles, or fancy sedans, it’s all there. Every car’s got its cool tricks to outdo the competition.

The best part? Driving in Saints Row feels super real, all thanks to the game’s killer physics. It’s like you’re actually on the road and not just playing. Want more? You can fine-tune your ride, from how it handles to how fast it stops. Everyone should give this game a spin – it’s epic.

Want more fun? Race against others or jump into special events. The game’s world is massive with all sorts from street races to full-blown drag races with all the bells and whistles. With everything packed into this game, it’s a no-brainer why Saints Row is the top car game out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the in-game phone?


In Saints Row, you just dial numbers to use the in-game phone. It’s pretty easy; first, you put in a number to get to a certain activity or feature. Numbers can be basic like “555” if you wanna call cars, or fancier ones to get cool abilities. Plus, there are some special numbers for exclusive stuff or rewards. Once you get the hang of dialing and remember the numbers, you’re set to dive deeper into Saints Row.

What kinda cars can I call?

Saints Row lets you call all sorts of cars through the in-game phone. You can call cool sports cars, beefy muscle cars, big military stuff, and even helicopters. You can also pimp them out with new paint, wheels, suspensions, and more. It’s all about making your ride look and feel just right. Customizing your car makes the game even more fun.

Does it cost to call a car?


What you pay to call a car really depends. Some car-call services might charge you, but they might also give you deals or points if you use ’em a lot. Some might even charge extra for fancy stuff like GPS or having someone else drive. So, always check out the deal you’re getting before you call.

Is there a max number of cars I can call?

How many cars you can call? Well, it depends on the game. In Saints Row, there’s no real cap on how many cars you can call in one go. But if you call the same car over and over in a short time, the game might ignore you. Just keep in mind that some rides might take a while or might not show up at all, depending on where you’re at or what you’re doing.

Any fancy cars I can ring up?

In Saints Row, there’s a mechanic to call cars for custom stuff. You can pick from all sorts of rides, even swanky luxury cars or super-fast sports cars. And there are some extra-special rides you can call that you won’t find anywhere else. These special cars are a blast if you’re up for trying something different.

To wrap it up

Calling a car in Saints Row? Piece of cake. Pull up your in-game phone, pick your ride, choose where you want it, and just wait a bit. It’s an awesome way to move around without running everywhere or hunting for other rides. Super handy and makes getting around a breeze.


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